Academic Council Approves OBE Curricula

Academic Council Approves OBE Curricula, Source: Internet

The Academic Council of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) approved, in its 77th Academic Council held on 13 October 2022, the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Curricula and OBE Course Outlines of the following degree programs – Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Social Science in Media Studies and Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in English and Masters in Communication.

Aside from these, the Council approved the OBE course outlines of the General Education Department (GED). The meeting was held in the Chancellery located on the Permanent Campus. During the meeting, the Council took note of the following University Grants Commission (UGC)/Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC) requirements, including two terms per year, the proportion of courses on GED, and the minimum number of credits. With this approval, the Registrar’s Office will send the documents to the UGC for approval.