CETL-ULAB Hosts Insightful Discourse on the Future of Teaching and Learning

CETL-ULAB Hosts Insightful Discourse on the Future of Teaching and Learning

Publish Date: 
Saturday, December 23, 2023

Screen Shot of Online Meeting on the Future of Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) hosted an online dialogue titled 'The Future of Teaching and Learning,' regarding the future of education at ULAB. The session was organized on 9 November 2023; the invitees consisting of department heads and coordinators. The purpose was to understand educators' perceptions, needs, and expectations regarding teaching and learning.

Surveying teachers' perceptions became a pivotal aspect, allowing CETL to tailor its strategies to the evolving needs of the faculty. Dr. M. Shazzad Hossain led the dialogue, articulating teaching-learning plans and encouraging active participation from faculty members across departments. Discussions delved into developing tailored programs for newly recruited faculties, aligning with their qualifications and experiences.

The key contributors to the dialogue included Ms. Arzoo Ismail, who emphasized the significance of customized professional development. Dr. Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal provided insights into enhancing ULAB's teaching effectiveness, while Mr. Asif Uddin Ahmed introduced an innovative game-based approach for active teaching and learning. The active participation of Ms. Arifa Ghani Rahman and Ms. Nadia Rahman enriched the discussions.

This engaging dialogue provided a platform for exchanging invaluable insights and underscored the unwavering commitment of ULAB's faculty to the continual enhancement of teaching methodologies. CETL is leading the way forward by introducing the ULAB Technology Group. They are also introducing a distinguished panel for pedagogical training. This shows their dedication to innovative approaches and transformative teaching practices.