Quality Assurance Structure

There are three main units/committees responsible for quality assurance at the university – the IQAC, Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) and Self-Assessment Committee (SAC). The first unit is the IQAC, which is the permanent organ of the university that promotes a quality assurance culture. It is also the unit that directly communicates with the UGC Quality Assurance Unit.

The second unit is the Self-Assessment Committee, which is under the IQAC. SAC conducts self-assessments of academic programs and prepares improvement plans.

There are five SACs given that there are five degree-granting departments at ULAB –

  1. Business,
  2. English and humanities,
  3. Media studies and journalism,
  4. Computer science engineering and
  5. Electronic and telecommunications engineering.

The third unit is the QAC, which is the institutional oversight of IQAC. It meets at least twice a year and is composed of: Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, BOT representative, all deans, IQAC Director, two senior academics, Registrar, Finance Director and IQAC Additional Director.

The diagram below shows the various quality assurance units of the university, including how it relates with the governance structure and the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the University Grants Commission (UGC):

The Relational Structure of the IQAC, Syndicate, QAC and the QAU :